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Anytime you spend a significant amount of money on a home improvement project, it’s in your best interest to have an idea of how it affects the value of your home.

Patio covers, decks, and sunrooms all add value to your home, not just because they improve the overall aesthetic, but also because they add usable living space.

For example, when we add a sunroom or patio enclosure to a home, we can always expect to see that become the most commonly used area in the house. It’s frequently used as a kid’s play room, a home office, or just a great place to gather the family.

All in all, in the Los Angeles area, you can expect to recoup up to 50% of the cost of patio or sunroom installation when you sell your home.

Decks and patio covers can be even more beneficial, potentially recouping 90-100% of the cost. Plus, these usually include lifetime warranties that are often transferable to the new owners.


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