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Hanger Rod Canopies In Los Angeles & Orange County

When we plan a canopy layout, most customers want as few posts or columns as possible.  Sometimes they want me to defy the laws of gravity.  The best solution to eliminate posts is the hanger rod canopy.  As long as the building wall on which we are mounting the canopy can carry the weight load and wind loads we can do the job with this design.  Most jobs are installed on concrete tilt-up buildings.  We have also installed these canopies on cold storage buildings.  Projection distance from the wall can be up to sixteen to eighteen feet.  The width can be a four foot door cover or hundreds of feet of loading dock covers.

We use aluminum materials.  Not only is aluminum lighter than structural steel but it is lighter, usually less expensive to install and requires little or no maintenance.  When we use a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated canopy such as Mapes Industrial Canopies or Architectural Shade Products, the materials come with a factory applied finish in a color of choice.  Kynar finishes are also available.

Since there is no field welding as with structural steel, installation is usually just a few days.