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     Over the past 15 years we have installed many sunrooms and patio enclosures.  We have always been dissatisfied with the appearance of screws, rivets and caulk on the finished room.  They are necessary to connect the wall and roof panels and to seal the room but they have an unfinished appearance if exposed.  Now we have a solution from a new manufacturer.  The Omega Room from C-Thru Industries has provided the answer. www.c-thru.com  They have a vinyl cladding system that covers all exposed weep holes, screws, rivets and caulk.  This gives the sunroom or patio enclosure a finished look.  Now the caulk that is necessary for a water tight installation is covered and will not collect dust and dirt.  The screws and rivets that are needed to connect the wall and roof panels are also covered giving a sleek finished look.  Look for more new features in future articles.


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