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Once again as we start a new season we get the most calls for a pergola or awnings with some kind of clear cover.   We get requests for glass, acrylic or plastic.  We use polycarbonate for several reasons:

  • It comes in clear or bronze tint.
  • We are able to fabricate it to fit exactly on your patio cover.  Glass cannot be fabricated on site.
  • Polycarbonate comes with a ten year warranty against yellowing, cracking, etc.
  • Polycarbonate is stronger than glass but much lighter.

This type of cover gives you the benefit of a solid or full shade patio cover but allows most of the light to shine through.   For the frame we use aluminum with an embossed wood grain finish.  It is available in a variety of colors and carries a lifetime warranty on the finish.  Now you can get protection for your outdoor furniture, pets, doors and windows.

Untitled12_0002_Poly 3.JPG.Untitled2_0000_Poly 6.JPGUntitled12_0001_Poly 2.JPGUntitled12_0000_Poly 1.JPG

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