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1. Expand your living space – Next time you visit a friend’s home and they are entertaining outdoors, observe where people gather. If there is an umbrella, gazebo or some type of awning people will always seek a shaded area. A patio cover will create a large shaded area that will attract people and enhance their enjoyment. Remember-the area you cover is the area you use.

2. Protect your home and outdoor furnishings – When we do our in-home estimates we frequently meet homeowners who want protection from direct sun and rain. Weather can damage and eventually ruin exposed doors and windows. Another common problem is decks and balconies that leak. The answer to these problems is a full shade patio cover.

Outdoor kitchens have become very popular backyard remodeling projects. Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive barbecue equipment and outdoor furniture and leave it exposed to the sun and rain? A lattice patio cover will provide 70% shade and still allow light and ventilation on the covered area.

3. Add value to your home – A majority of our customers hire us to replace their old patio cover (once they have one they can’t live without it). After we remove the old patio cover it is always striking how bare and unfinished the backyard patio area looks. Homes are usually built with a porch or some type of landing at the front entrance. This provides a warm, inviting look to the house. The same applies to the rear of the house. A patio cover will not only add living space but makes the back of you house look completed.


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