Cost Vs. Value Of Home Improvement Projects

Anytime you spend a significant amount of money on a home improvement project, it’s in your best interest to have an idea of how it affects the value of your home. Patio covers, decks, and sunrooms all add value to your home, not just because they improve the overall aesthetic, but also because they add […]

What you should know when buying dual pane windows.

When buying dual pane or even triple pane windows you will probably be given option of the type of tint.  Most jobs we install now use Low E tint and our customers are very pleased.  The feature I am speaking of now is how the window system is sealed.  This is very important, especially on […]

Our best clear patio cover ever

Once again as we start a new season we get the most calls for a pergola or awnings with some kind of clear cover.   We get requests for glass, acrylic or plastic.  We use polycarbonate for several reasons: It comes in clear or bronze tint. We are able to fabricate it to fit exactly on your patio […]

Three steps to choosing the right contractor

Choosing the right contractor for your home improvement project is a very important decision.  A sunroom can cost upwards of $15,000 and the average lattice patio cover is between $3000 and $5000.  That’s a lot of money to pay without knowing exactly what you are getting.  Here are three steps to help insure you make […]

Four Contractor Scams to Avoid

Recently while working with customers and potential customers I have encountered some of the old and a couple of new contractor scams that you need to avoid. “Yes, I pulled a permit”. – When I am looking at a job to replace an existing structure such as a patio cover or sunroom I will ask […]

Great Place for those Solar Panels

Thinking about solar panels for you home? Usually they are installed on the roof but sometimes there are reasons why that will not work. Lately we are getting more requests to not only build a patio cover to add outdoor living space but also to serve as a platform for solar panels. We have a […]

How to Plan Your Patio Cover Project

We frequently receive calls from people who are uncertain on how to get started with the process of planning, obtaining bids and selecting a contractor for their patio cover project.  Here are some suggestions. 1. Spend some time looking at your patio area and think about how much space you want to cover.  Look at […]

Exciting New Lighting Product for Patio Covers

Our most popular option when building a patio cover is adding lights on the posts or in the ceiling. Sometimes the patio ceiling is too low for an overhead light fixture and recessed lighting would be perfect.  Now we can offer a new product called “Lightstrip”. The strip is a row of recessed lights than […]

Five Best Cost vs. Value Home Improvements

When you plan a remodeling project for your home it is always helpful if the project will retain its value when you sell the home.  If you spend thousands of dollars you want to think that there is some return on your investment.  Obviously some jobs provide a higher return than others.  Here is a […]