2011 Energy Star Rebates for Insulated Patio Covers

It’s a new year and we have a new set of guidelines for the federal government sponsored Energy Star Rebates.  All categories have been reduced including windows, doors, water heaters, etc. As before the rebate applies only to the cost of materials.  Labor costs do not qualify for the rebate.  Your contractor will provide the […]

Three Special Features of Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures and sunrooms continue to be an excellent way to quickly add living space and at a very low cost when compared to conventional construction.  New features include: 1.)  THICKER INSULATED WALLS –  Wall systems now are up to 4″ thick with EPS foam for an R factor of R-15 or Polyiso Foam for […]

The Best Way to Fix That Leaking Deck or Balcony

One of the most common calls we get for a patio cover is to cover a leaking deck or balcony.  Usually the homeowner has tried several methods to fix the leak.  Usually all the methods fail.  “Water always wins.”  A leak on a deck or balcony is almost impossible to fix. A solid patio cover, […]

Save Money – Use Pre-Engineered Canopies

Recently I received plans to bid on a small overhead hanger rod canopy over a loading dock. The canopy was only about 90 sq.ft.  The engineer specified using Verco steel roof decking with puddle and button punch welds, structural steel framing and custom hanger rods.  These are the type of specifications to be used on […]

Avoiding 3 Big Mistakes With Your Landscape Project

EXAMPLE 1. If you are having interlocking pavers installed and you intend to add a patio cover, you will need to have concrete footings installed below the pavers. Why not select your patio cover contractor before you start the project? He can meet with your landscape contractor and spot the location and size of the […]

The Best Ever Solid Patio Cover

While lattice patio covers are our most popular style many times homeowners want more protection from direct sun and rain. A solid or full shade patio cover is the best solution. Until recently this style of patio cover came only in the old style corrugated aluminum or wood frame & shingle structures. In the last […]

Building Permits for Patio Covers & Sunrooms

One of the most common questions we receive on a patio cover bid is “do I need a permit?” The answer is simply “yes”. This also applies to replacing an old patio cover that was built with a permit. A new permit is required even if you are only replacing an existing structure. In fact, […]

Low Cost Metal Canopies – What you need to know.

Frequently I get plans for a steel canopy to cover a small to medium area. The plans usually call for wide flange steel beams, purlins and steel roof decking. When I see these plans I wonder if the architect or engineer was aware of the benefits of aluminum. Aluminum roof decking can span up to […]

Six Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Patio Cover

A new patio cover is going to cost thousands of dollars. It will add value to your home and provide years of service. Therefore, you want to be sure you plan the project carefully. Here are some suggestions we have learned from years of working with hundreds of homeowners. Size Matters! There are no standard […]

How to Light Up Your Life

The major drawback to a full shade or solid patio cover is the loss of light coming through the doors and windows covered. Maybe that is why lattice is our most popular style. But there are some possible solutions. Polycarbonate….If it is good enough for the windshield of an aircraft it will work on a […]