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Clear Patio Covers

We developed these clear patio covers to satisfy customer demand for a patio cover that protects the covered area from the elements but still allows ample light to shine through.

The frame is our standard wood grain embossed aluminum with a factory applied lifetime finish. Over the frame we mount sheets of polycarbonate in clear or bronze tint.

The polycarbonate shade covers is ideal because:

Virtually Unbreakable

Superior toughness offers greater protection against vandalism and hail damage as well as breakage during shipping and installation, impact strength tested at 200 times that of glass, eight times that of acrylic.

Energy Efficient

U-values comparable to insulating glass mean fuel savings up to 50%.

Flame Retardant

Melts without igniting. Will not support combustion or spread flames. CC-1 Fire Rating per ASTM D635.

Guaranteed Weather Resistant

Patented co-extruded UV-stabilized exterior layer provides high resistance to yellowing, backed by a 10-year non-prorated warranty against discoloration and breakage.* Maintains mechanical properties from -40F to +247F.

  • Patio Covers – Image 1
  • Clear Patio Covers – Image 1
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  • Clear Patio Covers – Image 2
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  • Clear Patio Covers – Image 3
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  • Clear Patio Covers – Image 4
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  • Clear Patio Covers – Image 5