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Thinking about solar panels for you home? Usually they are installed on the roof but sometimes there are reasons why that will not work. Lately we are getting more requests to not only build a patio cover to add outdoor living space but also to serve as a platform for solar panels.

We have a 4″ thick insulated roof panel that is our best patio cover roof but it is now becoming a popular solar panels platform. Full Shade Patio Covers.

This product is very strong. It is walkable and easy to maintain. It also qualifies for the Energy Star rebate program. The panels can be built at any length up to 20′. Each panel is 4′ wide and they connect with a tongue and groove system that is leak proof. We can built the patio cover in any width.

Engineering can be created to meet and exceed any building code to enable you to pull permits. Before beginning it is important to bring your solar contractor and patio cover contractor together to determine how the panels will be installed on the patio cover roof.

This type of project will help you not only save money on electricity but you will also shade a large portion of your home and reduce your air conditioning expense.


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