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Untitled1_0004_005.JPGEXAMPLE 1. If you are having interlocking pavers installed and you intend to add a patio cover, you will need to have concrete footings installed below the pavers. Why not select your patio cover contractor before you start the project? He can meet with your landscape contractor and spot the location and size of the footings. You will save money and avoid the cost and mess of pulling up the new pavers so the footings can be dug out and poured.

EXAMPLE 2. Frequently we come to a home with a new concrete slab and the contractor has embedded steel straps for wood patio cover posts. The new aluminum patio covers can be surface mounted on a slab. This type of installation meets and exceeds all building codes. You will save the expense of the installation of the steel straps and the expense of having them removed.

EXAMPLE 3. This is the most common mistake, creates the most problems and is the easiest to avoid. The mistake is waiting until the landscape project is completed or nearly completed before bringing in your patio cover contractor. Not only do you need to learn about the new maintenance free materials but you need to incorporate your patio cover design into your landscape design. Before any work begins select your contractor and the style of patio cover you want and make sure your landscape contractor is in the loop.


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