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Recently I received plans to bid on a small overhead hanger rod canopy over a loading dock. The canopy was only about 90 sq.ft.  The engineer specified using Verco steel roof decking with puddle and button punch welds, structural steel framing and custom hanger rods.  These are the type of specifications to be used on very, very large canopies but not this job.  The canopy has to be fabricated by a structural steel contractor, the steel has to be primed and painted, there is on site welding, and  installation would take several days.

By using a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated canopy the cost of this job could have been reduced by at least 50%.  Aluminum hanger rod canopies can span up to 16′.  They include gutters, factory applied finish and can usually be installed in one or two days.  They are custom engineered to meet local building codes.

These benefits are also available with freestanding or attached metal canopies.  It seems that the challenge is to get engineers who design these jobs to recognize the benefits of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated canopies.

The benefits are lower cost and faster installation.


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