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While lattice patio covers are our most popular style many times homeowners want more protection from direct sun and rain. A solid or full shade patio cover is the best solution.

Until recently this style of patio cover came only in the old style corrugated aluminum or wood frame & shingle structures. In the last few years the insulated aluminum patio cover has emerged as our most popular style. Here is why:

1. Insulated Laminated Roof Panels (LRP) are manufactured with high density expanded polystyrene cores (EPS)that are uniformly bonded between two heavy guage textured aluminum skins. The resulting one-piece insulated panel system creates a patio cover with superior strength.

2. The panels are flat on top and bottom giving a very pleasing appearance even when viewed from above as in a two story home.

3. The insulated roof panels create a thermal barrier system that will not radiate heat like single-skin, non-insulated patio covers.

4. The panels are walkable. This enables the homeowner the ability to walk on the surface in order to gain access to the house for painting or other chores.

5. Internal electrical channels are embedded into the insulated roof panels allowing for safe and easy wiring of ceiling fans or other light fixtures.

6. The gutter system comes with lead guards to reduce the need to clean the gutters.


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