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Patio enclosures and sunrooms continue to be an excellent way to quickly add living space and at a very low cost when compared to conventional construction.  New features include:

1.)  THICKER INSULATED WALLS –  Wall systems now are up to 4″ thick with EPS foam for an R factor of R-15 or Polyiso Foam for an R factor of R-28.  No more honeycomb cores that can delaminate.  Today’s walls are solid, that is, the insulation is injected between the wall panels.  No gaps or air pockets.

2.)  EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAMING MEMBERS – Factory finished with lifetime warranties, these extrusions come in colors and will last a lifetime.

3.)  WINDOW SELECTIONS – Windows are sliding with removeable screens and locks.  The standard window is tempered glass but there are many options.  Dual-Pane glass for insulation from noise and weather conditions.  Energy saving Low E glass is available as well as Solex tinted.  A vinyl window system with dual-pane glass and Argon gas  is also available.

You can also dress up your sunroom or patio enclosurewith dual-pane glass windows with grids for a french window and door look. Transom glass can be added above or below your widows.  This look provides more light and “opens” the room for a more spacious feel.


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